Thursday, July 5, 2007

Go stAte!

I think it’s time I chimed in on ASU’s mascot change. I personally think that ASU should fight to keep the Indian mascot. But if we must change, I like the ASU Rising Tuition.Hear me out!

We could change the name of the stadium from “Indian Stadium” to “Mohela Stadium”. Just think of all of the money ASU could get for that name change!

Oh, and the fight song! We could keep the song and change the lyrics from:

“On, on, on to Victory!
Brave team you’re second to none.
Let’s make this game history
Along with the others you’ve won!
Fight! Fight! Fight!With all your might
So that the world may see
That I-N-D-I-A-N-S means Vic-to-ry! (State!)”


“We’re in debt up to our knees!
Ka-ching! We’re second to none!
Let’s make student loan history
With Mohela and Capitol One!
Swipe! Swipe! Swipe!
With all your might
So that our ‘rents can see
Our T-U-I-T-I-O-N and Higher fees! (stAte!)”

Just a thought.

Some other suggestions I’ve heard include:

Scarlet Fever (ugh. no.)
Scarlet A’s (hahahahaha. no)
Fighting Catfish (bottom feeders?)
Ivory Bill Woodpeckers (NO!!!)
Cottonmouths (…maybe…)
Aggies (No…respect to Texas A&M)
Fighting Farmers (hahahaha…nope!)
Skeeters (lol…only as a joke)
Red Wolves (only if we can use the nWo music and have Kevin Nash on the sidelines)

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