Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Blind Side

If you have not seen The Blind Side, go get it right now. What an amazing movie! Not only is the story interesting and touching (as well as true) but Sandra Bullock gave an amazing performance. Great performances, great story.

Now I really want to watch a football game...

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I received my birthday present a few weeks early. My sweet husband gave me a Wii! I think I am one of the last people in America to own a Wii. It has been fun playing games with my husband that do not include shooting military weapons and massive amounts of blood and gore.

His favorite game so far is bowling. Me? Tennis. I was not fortunate enough to have my sister's talent for tennis in real life but I have (some) skills at Wii tennis.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No one puts baby in the corner

...except my school.

The latest, coolest, most hip prom accessory weighs around 10-20 pounds, can be dressed up and oogled over by teens or glared at disapprovingly by older women.

You guessed it...a baby.

After a parent voiced a concern, my school decided to overturn it's decision to allow a teenage mother to bring her newborn to prom.

My thought: it's prom. Not the most baby-friendly environment. Plus, if grandma will willing to keep the kid, why would you want to bring your baby to prom? It seems that you would spend most of the evening attending to his/her every scream. It would not be an evening to look back on with fond memories.

I am sure the teenager thinks it would be fun to dress your newborn in a cute dress/tux and parade the tyke throughout the ballroom. The baby is just that...a baby! It is not a doll or a toy.

I will now jump off of my soapbox.


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